Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide
We put together a list of our most popular products that would make for a perfect gift for friends, family, or yourself this holiday season! For more information on each product be sure to click the links below.
1 - S-Pack Stabilizer Bag:
Designed to keep stabilizers safe when not on the bow, the S-Pack bags come in a single pocket or double pocket configuration that are constructed of a durable, rip-stop fabric lined with soft felt and secured with strong hook and loop flaps.
2 - Release Pouch:
A well designed and constructed release pouch keeps a crucial piece of equipment safe and right where you need it.
3 - Fort Hat:
Legacy hats are a favorite among archers and a great holiday gift idea! With a curved brim and soft, mesh back it's almost guaranteed to be a go-to piece of gear for whomever you give it to.
4 - Vantage Hunting Stabilizer:
Built for the serious hunter, the Vantage is a serious piece of kit and is designed to dampen vibration, stabilize the shot, and look good doing it. With multiple color options and lengths, you're sure to find a winning combination this season.
 5 - Atlas V-Bar:
Beef up your stabilizer mounting system this winter with the Atlas v-bar. Designed with a hybrid clamp-taper system, the Atlas is strong, rigid, and lightweight.
6 - Binocular Straps:
Keeping your binoculars handy makes a day on the range much more enjoyable and these binocular straps do just that.
7 - NOMAD Scope:
Made for 3D and target shoots alike, the NOMAD scope is a versatile scope with plenty of options and add-ons. 
8 - Optum Scope:
With interchangeable pin rings, eight pin positions, three built in light ports, and a slew of accessories and color options, the Optum is made to be customized and is sure to be a great gift.
9 - Scope Cover:
Protect your scope and keep it dust-free with the Shrewd padded scope covers. Constructed of rip-stop nylon, these are built to stand up to the rigors of the range.
10 - Shrewd Water Bottle
Stay cool and hydrated with the Shrewd insulated water bottle available in red and black colorways. 
11 - Patriot Patch Hat:
Stay shaded with one of our many Richardson style hats. With over twenty styles to choose from you're bound to find the right fit.
12 - Garmin XERO A1:
Zero in on the target and take the guesswork out of the shot. The Garmin XERO A1's built in rangefinder and programable pins makes setup a breeze and is a great gift for both new and experienced hunters.
13 - Holiday Decals:
Spruce up your bow case, water bottle, or gift wrapping with some holiday themed Shrewd decals. Cut from a thick, durable vinyl these decals are made to last and stand up to the sun and weather wherever you stick them. 
14 - Quick Disconnects:
Add and remove stabilizers with ease with the Shrewd quick disconnect. These come in a multitude of colors and angles to suit the shooters preference and maximize performance.   New for the holiday season is a Pine Green and Gun Metal Grey color option!
15 - Tungsten Weights:
Optimize your weight stack with tungsten weights. With almost twice the density of stainless steel, tungsten makes for a more compact weight stack with less surface area. Make sure you upgrade your mantel before tossing these puppies in any stockings!
16 - Flannel Shirt:
Stay warm while traveling to and from the range this winter with the Shrewd flannel shirt. This is a great winter gift that will see plenty of use.
17 - Adapt Kit:
Organize your tools and spares with the Adapt kit. Constructed of a durable plastic and designed with two separate compartments, each with removeable dividers, the Adapt kit will keep you organized on and off the range.
18 - Garmin Instinct Watch
Check the time, weather, time till sunset, get notifications, see your heart rate, and much more. The Instinct is the perfect watch for the rugged outdoorsman who wants to increase his awareness and stay on top of things.
19 - Beanie Hat:
Stay warm this winter with the Shrewd knit beanie.
20 - Shooter Towel:
Brush off dirt, wipe away sweat, and clean your equipment with the Shrewd shooter towel. Made with a grommet and includes a clip to make sure it's always there when you need it.
21 - Holiday Ornaments:
Add some holiday cheer to your home with the Shrewd holiday ornaments. Made from acrylic plastic with a printed graphic, the holiday ornaments are a fun touch that can be used for years to come!
If you're looking to make your own acrylic charm we highly recommend using our partners at Sticker Mule 

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