3D Archery Holiday Gift Guide

3D Archery Holiday Gift Guide

For those whose fun meter tops out at 14, we've got the gear to make even the muddiest days more enjoyable. Check out all the essentials and then some in our 3D archery gift guide.


 Shrewd Shooter Towel

Keep equipment clean and dry on the range with the Shrewd shooter towel. Made from 100% cotton and includes a metal grommet and clip for easy and convenient carrying.

Shop the Shrewd shooter towel here.


40mm Optum Scope

Adapting to various range conditions has never been easier than with the Optum. The 40mm Optum offers a large sight picture and features eight pin positions, two integrated light ports, a removeable pin ring, optional sunshades and lenses, and an adjustable fiber cover.


Optum Sunshades

Sunshades are a simple way to adapt to changing lighting, weather conditions, and shooter preferences. Laser engraved rings help with scope alignment, machined grooves within the sunshades reduce glare, and 2-step sunshades decrease the inside diameter of the scope to narrow the sight picture.

Shop Optum sunshades here.


Shrewd Scope Cover

Protect your scope and lens between targets and while traveling to and from events. The Shrewd scope cover is available in three sizes and features a spring-band in the opening to hold the cover securely in place.


Optum Scope Lens

A clear lens with the proper magnification makes all the difference in 3D archery. All Shrewd lenses are made with Zeiss glass and feature a hydrophobic, oleophobic, and anti-static coating. The Verde Vitri model is a an excellent option for 3D archery and is available in 2x through 8x magnification.

Shop the Shrewd Verde Vitri lens here.


Black Gold Competition Sight

A perfect compliment to your Shrewd scope, the Black Gold Competition 2A sight is packed with features and built tough. The 2A is micro adjustable on all axes, has a vertical axis rapid travel, and is backed by Black Gold's unconditional guarantee. 


Shrewd Topo Hat

Keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face with the Shrewd Topo hat. Made with a mesh back for ventilation, embroidered with a hexagonal patch, and features a snap back strap for adjustment.


Vortex Defender Flip Cap

Lock out the dust and grime with the Vortex Defender flip caps. These fit over the scope sunshades and ensure your lens and scope housing stay clean and protected.

Shop Vortex Defender Flip Caps here.


Shrewd Umbrella

Stay dry on and off the range or keep the sun off your lens and out of your eyes when shooting in bright conditions. Rain or shine, the Shrewd umbrella can always serve a purpose.


ZBros Evolution Plus Light

Have complete control over your pin brightness with the ZBros Evolution Plus light kit. The Evolution Plus features five light color options, a rechargeable battery, auto shutoff timer, and adjustable brightness settings.

Shop ZBros Evolution Plus light here.

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