Indoor Archery Holiday Gift Guide

Indoor Archery Holiday Gift Guide

Get the right gear for the indoor archer this holiday season. Obtain an optical advantage with a new scope setup or find balance with stabilizers, weights, or an adjustable v-bar. 


35mm Optum Scope

Featuring eight pin positions, interchangeable pin rings, optional sunshades, integrated light ports, and an adjustable fiber cover; the Optum scope is designed to adapt to almost any shooters needs. The 35mm Optum is great for indoor archers looking to narrow their field of view and is available in a variety of colors.


Shrewd Scope Cover

Keep your scope and lens clean and clear with this padded scope cover. A spring-band in the opening of the cover ensures it stays in place and multiple size options ensure a proper fit.


Optum Scope Lens

The proper lens can make all the difference with indoor shooting. All Shrewd lenses are made from Zeiss glass and feature an anti-glare coating that is hydrophobic, oleophobic, and anti-static. The Verde Vitri lens is an excellent option for those looking for premier optical quality without breaking the bank.


Optum Scope Sunshades

Sunshades are a simple way to adapt to changing lighting, weather conditions, and shooter preferences. Laser engraved rings help with scope alignment, machined grooves within the sunshades reduce glare, and 2-step sunshades decrease the inside diameter of the scope to narrow the sight picture.


RevX Stabilizer

Designed for the serious archer, the RevX are built around our internally tapered STS carbon technology and feature internal and external vibration dampers for optimal weight-to-strength properties and vibration absorption. Included with every RevX stabilizer are removeable tungsten and aluminum weights allowing the user to properly balance their bow.

Tungsten Weights

Boasting twice the density of stainless steel, tungsten is a great way to pack on weight where it matters while decreasing the cross-sectional dimension of the stabilizer and shortening the overall length of the weight stack. Tungsten weights are available in 1 ounce or 4 ounce options and feature a 5/16"-24 thread that is compatible with all Shrewd stabilizers.



Atlas Adjustable V-Bar

Your stabilizer setup is only as good as the weakest link; don't let a feeble v-bar limit your performance and cause frustration. Designed with a hybrid clamp-taper system, the Atlas is made to take the weight and allow for easy adjustments on all axes.


Shrewd Release Pouch

Sewn from a tough, ripstop material and lined with a soft, felt interior, the Shrewd release pouch is a great option for comfortably and conveniently carrying your release. The release pouch can either be hung from your belt with the oversized belt loop or mounted on a bag using the MOLLE compatible straps sewn on the back.


Shrewd Quick Disconnect

Spend less time setting up and tearing down your bow and more time shooting. The Shrewd quick disconnect makes it easy to install or remove a front stabilizer with just a quarter turn of the stabilizer. 


Shrewd Built Hat

Show some Team Shrewd pride and keep the bright lights out of your eyes on the line. The Built hat features a sublimated patch and plastic snap back for adjustment.


Remedy Arrow Rest

The Remedy is constructed of CNC machined components featuring a durable teflon coated anodized finish and laser engraved marks for smooth, precise, and repeatable adjustment. All axes are independently adjustable to ensure only the desired changes can be made and a toolless lock holds everything in place.



Stainless Steel Weights

Add additional weights to your stabilizers to help balance the bow and settle into the shot faster. Stainless steel weights are available in one ounce increments from one to four ounces.

Shop stainless steel weights here.

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