Bowhunter Holiday Gift Guide

Bowhunter Holiday Gift Guide

For the friend or family member whose freezer is looking a little empty, give them the advantage they need with some of our favorite hunting gear, from stabilizers and mounts to Garmin devices.


Vantage Stabilizer

Designed for the serious hunter, the Vantage stabilizer combines our STS carbon technology with HiLo dampers and removable weights to create a quiet and adjustable system. The Vantage is available in a variety of finishes chosen to match popular bow colors and various lengths for optimal balance. 

Shop the Vantage Stabilizer here.


Garmin Xero A1

With a built in rangefinder and electronic pins that adjust to the given range of the target, the Garmin Xero A1 combines two essential pieces of equipment into one for maximum efficiency when lining up the shot. 

Shop the Garmin Xero A1 here.


Pivot Swivel Disconnect

The Pivot is the perfect accessory for both backyard and backcountry hunters alike. The build in quick disconnect enables the user to quickly remove their front stabilizer or fold their front stabilizer up and use it as a carrying handle, making it easier to navigate underbrush or long treks over land.  

Shop the Pivot Swivel Disconnect here.


Atlas Adjustable V-Bar

Featuring a unique clamp-taper hybrid system, the Atlas offers impressive holding strength in a lightweight and small piece of equipment. An integrated quick disconnect makes adding or removing the rear stabilizer effortless while the independently adjustable horizontal and vertical axes make it simple to tune.

Shop the Atlas V-Bar here.


Shrewd Beanie

Made from 100% acrylic, the Shrewd beanie is lightweight and warm with a wool-like feel making it perfect for long sits in the tree stand or just spending some time outdoors.

Shop the Shrewd Beanie here.


Garmin Montana 700i

To keep outdoorsmen in touch and on track, the Montana 700i handheld combines the flexibility of on- or off-road navigation with global messaging and interactive SOS via inReach satellite technology. 

Shop the Garmin Montana 700i here.


Shrewd Neck Gaiter

Cut the cold and keep in the heat with the Shrewd neck gaiter. Made from four-way stretch material, the neck gaiter is sure to fit snuggly in place and keep you a little more comfortable in cooler weather.

Shop the Shrewd Neck Gaiter here.


Delrin Engage Grip

Designed as a direct replacement grip for Mathews bows featuring the Engage grip platform, the Engage grip line offers a high and low wrist option with a square profile to reduce torque and improve hand placement consistency. The Delrin material option is ideal for hunters as it decreases thermal bridging from the riser to the hand and remains warmer to the touch in cold weather. 

Shop the Engage Grip here.


Quick Disconnect

For those hunters who prefer to keep things simple, the quick disconnect is a great piece of gear that saves time setting up their bow. The disconnect mounts to the front of the riser and enables the front stabilizer to be removed or installed by turning it just a quarter turn. The quick disconnect is available in gloss or matte finish options and a 0° or 8° downward angle.

Shop the Quick Disconnect here.


Shrewd Multicam Hat

This may not actually help you get the buck of your dreams but at least you'll look cool when you take the photo of your trophy buck and send it to all your friends. Made of officially licensed Multicam material and features a snap back clasp and the Shrewd Patriot patch.

Shop the Shrewd Multicam hat here.

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