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Right Hand or Left Hand: Right Hand
Pin Size: No Pin
ORS Color: Black

Product Details

  • Removable ring system offers eight pin positions and enables the shooter to swap between pin sizes and fiber colors in seconds.
  • Adjustable fiber cover offers complete control over ambient lighting.
  • 8-32 threaded holes allow the use of an electronic light kit to illuminate the fiber and pin.
  • An angled 8-32 light port enables the user to shine a light on the center of the lens to illuminate a dot or center-drilled lens.
  • Fiber bypass slots in the ring system permit fiber to wrap around the scope completely in order to collect more natural light.
  • Interchangeable levels let the user swap between different colors to best suit their needs.
  • Threads on both ends of the scope accept a variety of sunshades and lenses for even further customization.
  • Machined pocket of the side of the scope body accepts square or hex scope rods to prevent the scope from rotating when mounted on a sight. The square pocket measures .314" x .314".


Unique combinations

A variety of sunshades and lenses means the 29mm Optum can adapt to your needs and suit every situation.


Pin Positions

A removable ring system (ORS) indexes in eight different pin positions while ensuring your pin stays in center.



Loads of features and ease of use doesn't have to weigh you down. All unnecessary material was removed to make the 29mm Optum as light as possible.

change it up

The Optum Ring System (ORS) makes it easy to move between eight pin positions with the same ring or swap rings completely to suit your needs. Changing the ORS just requires two screws to be removed with the included hex key. With five pin sizes and three fiber colors there's a combination to suit every need and occasion.

Light Kit Ready

Adding a light kit couldn't be easier with the two 8-32 light ports built into the 29mm Optum. Thread a light into the fiber light port to illuminate the pin or for those who prefer a center-drilled lens or dot, use the angled light port on top to shine directly on the center of the lens.

User Friendly

The Optum is made to be customized to suit your needs. Strip off the fiber cover for maximize light collection, remove the pin and fiber to optimize your sight picture for a center-drilled lens, or thread in an electronic light to boost your pin brightness. With the Optum, you can have it all.

Build it out

The Optum is threaded on both ends to accept sunshades and lenses. Choose from three sunshades and a variety of lens powers and models when building your Optum scope. With 40+ configurations, there's something for everyone.


Twist open the adjustable fiber cover to let in maximum light indoors or on cloudy days. When the sun comes out and your fiber starts to starburst, rotate the cover closed to limit light access.

Next level

A large level sits within the scope body for quick and easy reference without adjusting your sight picture. Choose from one of three color levels included with your Optum scope and swap them out in seconds.

total light control

The fiber bypass, adjustable fiber cover, and 8-32 light ports enable the 29mm Optum to provide the best sight picture regardless of the lighting conditions.

The fiber bypass creates a path for the fiber to wrap completely around the ring system before terminating in one of the 8-32 threaded light ports where an electronic light can be installed effortlessly. Smaller fiber sizes can be wrapped around multiple times to maximize ambient light collection.

If too much light is your problem, the adjustable fiber cover rotates into position at the top of the ring system and blocks light from hitting the fiber directly.


Metal Lens Housing

All Shrewd lenses come encapsulated in a metal lens housing for maximum protection. The lens housings are threaded on the target side to accept sunshades.

Laser etched centering rings

White centering rings are laser etched into the MDR and 1-step sunshades for a durable and vivid alignment aid.

Optum Ring System

A removable ring system can be oriented in eight pin positions and enables the user to effortlessly swap between ring systems depending on the situation.

Built to last

CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, anodized finish, and assembled using stainless steel hardware, the Optum is built to last.

29mm Optum FAQ's

29mm Optum Tech Specs

Get to know the 29mm Optum scope inside and out with the full spec sheet.

29mm Optum Instruction Manual
Inside Diameter



Outside Diameter



Mounting Bolt

10-32 x 2" BHCS

10-32 x 1.25" and 10-32 x 2.5" also included

Level Screws

4-40 x 0.25" SHCS


Delrin Plug