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29mm Optum Scope

Everything you need to know to setup your 29mm Optum scope, mount it to your sight, and customize it to fit your needs.

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29mm Optum Features

8-32 Light Port

Integrated light port built into the ORS that enables the user to easily add a light to illuminate the fiber pin.

Angled 8-32 Light Port

Angled, 8-3 light port that shines on the center of the lens to illuminate a dot or center-drilled lens.

Interchangable Level

Every 29mm Optum comes with a green, red, and blue level that can be easily swapped.

Lenses and Sunshades

The 29mm Optum is threaded on both ends to accept accessories like a lens and sunshades.

Adjustable Fiber Cover

An adjustable fiber cover enables full control over the amount of natural light that reaches the fiber.

Mounting Your Scope

  1. Remove the 7/16"-20 delrin plug with a 3/16" hex key in order to access the head of the 10-32 bolt.
  2. Using an 1/8" hex key on the 10-32 bolt, remove the hex nut on the outside of the scope housing.
  3. Removing the hex nut allows a square or hex scope rods to recess into the pocket machined into the outside of the scope housing and preventing the scope from rotating. Scope rods can be found here.
  4. Fit the end of the scope rod into the machined pocket of the scope and thread the appropriate length 10-32 bolt into the scope rod.
  5. Reinstall the delrin scope plug.

Changing Pin Positions

  1. To change pin positions, remove the two 3-56 flat head screws with a 1/16" hex key.
  2. Remove the ORS from the scope body.
  3. Reinsert the ORS in one of eight positions.
  4. Install the two 3-56 flat head screws back into the appropriate holes and tighten them in place.

Removing the Pin

  1. Remove the ORS by unthreading the two 3-56 flat head screws.
  2. Slide the fiber cover off the ORS.
  3. Using a 1/16" hex key, remove the 4-40 button head screw from the bottom of the ORS.
  4. Pull the pin, along with the attached fiber, from the ring system. It may be necessary to cut the fiber to remove the pin.

Changing Fiber

  1. Feed the fiber up through the ORS and the base of the pin. Do not feed the fiber through the tip of the pin at this point.
  2. Take the end of the fiber outside of the scope and begin wrapping it around the scope and feeding it through the guidance holes where necessary.
  3. At the light port you can choose to utilize the bypass hole in order to wrap the fiber around the ORS completely or you can feed the fiber directly into the light port.
  4. Once the fiber terminates into the 8-32 light port, tighten the 6-32 set screw down so the fiber is held securely in place.
  5. Trim the end of the fiber protruding from the light port.
  6. Feed the loose end of the fiber inside the scope through the back of the pin tip.
  7. Trim the fiber close to the face of the pin.
  8. Flare the tip of the fiber using a hot hex key or another heat source. It is recommended not to use an open flame on the fiber.

Changing Levels

  1. Use a /32" hex key to loosen one level bolt and completely remove the second level bolt.
  2. Slide the existing level out of the scope housing.
  3. Insert a new level into the scope housing.
  4. Replace the removed bolt and tighten both bolts. Be careful not to overtighten the bolts to avoid cracking the level.

Installing a Light

The 29mm Optum offers two light ports that are threaded for 8-32 lights. One light port illuminates the fiber within the pin and the other shines on the center of the lens for a dot or center-drilled lens.

Installation is very straight-forward and just requires the light to be threaded into the desired light port.

After the light has been installed, route the wire back to the control box mounted to the sight bar and plug it in.

Common Questions

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Product Specifications

Get the nitty-gritty tech specs on the 29mm Optum.

Inside Diameter



Outside Diameter



Mounting Bolt

10-32 x 1.25" and 10-32 x 2.5" also included

Level Screws
Delrin Plug
Light Ports

8-32 Threads

ORS Mounting Screws

3-56 x 0.25" FHSS

Lens Diameter



Weight (Includes scope body, ORS, fiber cover, level, and all hardware)


51 grams

Kit out Your 29mm Optum

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