14.5mm ventx

Ultra-bright. Featherlight. Feature Packed.

Designed to Dominate

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adaptable DESIGN

Effortlessly swap between a center-drilled lens, pin ring, or dot in a matter of seconds. Every VentX kit comes with all the options to ensure optimal target acquisition in any environment.


FITA compliant and designed to shine. The integrated fiber channel and vented scope body allow maximum light transmission to ensure a bright aiming point that's easy to acquire.

User Friendly

Three large vents encircle the scope body, on plane with the lens mounted within the scope, further illuminating any dot or center-drilled lens.


The VentX is a complete package and includes multiple sunshades, lenses, dots, aperture reducers, and a pin.


The VentX pin ring features a machined lug that locates in eight positions (every 45°) within the scope housing.


Keep things subtle with the classic black or go bold and make a statement with the bright color options available for the VentX.

Vented Scope Housing

Large vents surrounding the scope body allow light in to illuminate center-drilled lenses, fiber, and dots.

Interchangeable Sunshades

Swap between a 1-step sunshade with white centering ring and a flat MDR sunshade to find the optimal sight picture.

Fiber Channel

Built into every VentX is a fiber channel that protects the fiber and moves it out of the line of sight ensuring a FITA legal scope.

Fiber Retainer

White centering rings are laser etched into the MDR and 1-step sunshades for a durable and vivid alignment aid.

VentX recurve scope

VentX Tech Specs

Get to know the VentX recurve scope inside and out with the full spec sheet.

Inside Diameter



Outside Diameter



Mounting Bolt

8-32 x 3" Threaded Rod

Lens Diameter



Weight (Includes scope body, lens, fiber, tubing, 1-step sunshade, fiber retainer, and 8-32 x 3" threaded rod)

13.2 grams

0.46 ounces

Product Manual

VentX Instructions

Learn all about the VentX recurve scope, how to mount it to a sight, change the fiber, and much more with the complete instruction manual.

VentX Instructions