Product Instructions

VentX Recurve Scope

Everything you need to know to setup your VentX recurve scope, mount it to your sight, and customize it to fit your needs.

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VentX Features

Interchangeable Aiming Point

Swap between a pin with 8 positions, center-drilled lens, and a blank lens with an included dot kit in seconds.

Fiber Channel

A built in fiber channel directs the fiber out of the line of sight in order to collect the maximum amount of light and ensure the VentX remains FITA compliant.

Rock Solid

An all new, high strength steel threaded rod creates a rock solid connection point you can depend on.

Swappable Sunshades

Easily swap between the included 1-step sunshade with a white centering ring or a flat MDR.

Vented Scope Housing

Large vents machined into the outside of the scope housing enable light to reach inside the scope housing for a brighter sight picture.

Mounting Your VentX

  1. Remove the fiber retainer from the end of the threaded rod. If the plastic tubing is inserted through the retainer be sure to remove that before unthreading the retainer.
  2. Insert the 8-32 threaded rod into your sight block and position the scope in the desired location and orientation.
  3. Secure the scope in place by using the retention mechanism included with your sight. For some sights this means a nut on either side of the sight block and others use a screw to lock the scope in place.
  4. Thread the fiber retainer on the end of the 8-32 threaded rod.
  5. Install the fiber tubing with fiber through the fiber retainer.

Changing Pin Positions

  1. To change pin positions, unthread the sunshade from the scope housing.
  2. Remove the pin ring from the scope body.
  3. Reinsert the pin ring and align the indexing tab with the desired location within the scope housing.
  4. Thread the desired sunshade into the scope housing while ensuring the pin ring is seated properly in an index location.

Installing a lens

  1. With the sunshade removed unthreaded from the scope body, insert the lens into the scope housing through the threaded side of the scope.
  2. Ensure the lens is seated completely within the scope body. This can be easily checked by looking through the vents in the scope body.
  3. Thread the sunshade of your choosing into the scope body until it seats against the lens and cannot be threaded in any further.

Changing Fiber

When installing fiber into a lens or pin it is easiest to insert the fiber into the lens/pin before installing the lens/pin in the scope body.

  1. Feed the fiber through drilled hole in the lens/pin until ~1/8" protrudes.
  2. Flare the tip of the fiber protruding from the lens/pin using a hot hex key or another heat source. It is recommended not to use an open flame on the fiber and don't touch the hot hex key directly to the fiber.
  3. Take the loose end of fiber and insert it through the scope housing and feed it into the hole of the integrated fiber channel.
  4. Pull the fiber through the fiber channel hole until the pin/lens is within the scope housing.
  5. If a pin is being used, make sure the index tab is aligned with an index socket in the scope housing.
  6. Thread a sunshade into the scope body until it pushes the lens/pin tight into the scope body and the sunshade cannot be tightened further.

Applying Dots on the lens

  1. Remove the blank lens from the scope.
  2. Thoroughly clean the lens and be sure not to touch the side the dot will be installed on after cleaning. The oils from your hand will prevent the dots from adhering.
  3. Center the lens on the included centering template.
  4. Cut the desired dot size away from the strip of dots.
  5. Peel the white backing paper away so you're left with the dot on the clear transfer material.
  6. Center the dot on the lens and firmly press it in place.
  7. Let the dot sit for a minute before peeling the transfer material away.

Common Questions

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Product Specifications

Get the nitty-gritty tech specs on the VentX.

Inside Diameter



Outside Diameter



Mounting Bolt

8-32 x 3" threaded rod

Lens Diameter



Weight (Includes scope body, lens, fiber, tubing, 1-step sunshade, fiber retainer, and 8-32 x 3" threaded rod)

13.2 grams

0.46 ounces