Behind the Business - Global Metal Finishing

Behind the Business - Global Metal Finishing

We’ve always been extremely selective in our supplier relationships and we put an emphasis on quality, consistency and loyalty.  While our search for the best partners can take us outside of the Roanoke Valley, when it comes to anodizing, we’re extremely lucky to have one of the best finishing companies in the country located just down the road. 

Family owned and founded in Roanoke in 1987, Global Metal Finishing specializes in high quality finishing services spread across 3 buildings and 21,000 square feet.  Ben Lawhorn, VP of Sales, is a Marine Corp veteran who works weekly with our team at HQ and is a huge part of the success of our Patriot Month product line.  Ben and his team at Global Metal spent weeks dialing in the splash anodizing process used on the Patriot Edition Optum scopes, and we are proud to say that all products featured throughout Patriot Month were anodized at Global Metal.

A primary reason why we’ve had such a long-standing relationship with Global Metal is a shared focus on quality control and consistency.  As an ISO 9001 and AS9100D accredited business, Global Metal is at the forefront of the aluminum finishing industry and an industry expert in processing parts with extremely tight tolerances and maintaining consistent finishes from batch to batch. 

Global Metal puts an emphasis on the people and rely on their skilled employees to process over 30,000 parts per week, primarily by hand.

As a fellow family owned business with a history of military service and decades of producing high quality parts, Global Metal is the epitome of the type of supplier we look to partner with.  The next time you admire the finish on your Atlas or the splash anodizing on your Patriot Edition Optum scope, you can be proud to know you supported another American manufacturing business.

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