29mm Mini Mag Scope
29mm Mini Mag Scope

29mm Mini Mag Scope

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    •       CNC machined 6061-T56 aluminum body with 29mm ID
    •       Includes 1 Razor pin machined with a 0.012" throat for minimum target obstruction
    •       Eight Razor pin locations
    •       Eight 8-32 threaded holes for optional Integrated pin kit
    •       7/16”-20 threaded hole for optional rheostat light
    •       Textured interior cuts down on glare
    •       Comes with three colored levels (red, green, and blue)
    •       Includes three sticks of fiber (red, green, and blue)
    •       Features a channel for retaining optional fiber optic tubing
    •       Eight locations for an optional light addition
    •       A variety of optional sunshades can be threaded into the front and rear of the scope
    •       Allows for a lens to be run on either side of the scope
    •       Made in the USA

    All Shrewd scopes are machined with a recessed hex pocket to adapt to a standard round, hex, or square scope mounting rod. This feature is designed so the scope will not rotate on the mounting bracket.  When mounting the scope onto a scope rod the included hex nut on the outside of the scope should be removed before the scope rod is threaded onto the 10-32 threaded rod. In some cases the longer 10-32 rod should be substituted for the shorter, 1-1/4" 10-32 bolt included in the packaging.