Black Gold Premium Bowsights is known for making rock solid and well designed sights with excellent quality and an unconditional guarantee. Additionally, all of Black Gold’s products are proudly machined, built, packaged, and shipped right here in the USA, which is something we strongly believe in and know they do too. So when the all new Competition 2A sight made its debut at the 2019 ATA show we knew this was something we needed to get our hands on.

The Competition 2A sight is packed with innovative features just like its predecessor, the Competition Sight, but where the two differ from one another is the weight. Black Gold was able to shave off a considerable amount of weight by machining away unnecessary material and introducing their new Wing Truss bar. The Wing Truss mounting bar offers a similar strength-to-weight ratio as carbon fiber while presenting a lower coefficient of drag in the wind thanks to the numerous machined holes along the length of the bar. Furthermore, the Competition 2A sight is micro-adjustable on all three axes, has a rapid travel for elevation adjustment, allows the user to remove the front windage block for easy storage, and boasts a very clever lock-down for the windage adjustment.

Interested? So are we. That’s why we are now offering Black Gold Competition 2A sights on both our website and at all stops along our Axle to Axle tour.

While there is no doubt that all the features of the Competition 2A sight we’ve mentioned above are great, our favorite aspect has to be how easily and well it pairs with Shrewd scopes. For those who are interested in the technical side of it all, we’ve included a quick (because trust us, it doesn’t take long) guide to installing a Shrewd scope on the 2A sight.

Shrewd Scope Installation Guide:

  • Turn the windage knob counterclockwise until it is no longer threaded onto the 10-32 bolt and can be completely removed.

  • Slide the scope rod out of the windage housing. Be mindful not to lose the spring inside the housing.
  • Using a 5/32″ hex key and an adjustable crescent wrench, remove the hex nut from the 10-32 bolt.
  • With a 1/8″ hex key, loosen the 10-32 rod in the Shrewd scope and remove the hex nut completely.
  • Insert the scope’s bolt into the scope rod and reinstall the nut on the 10-32 bolt on the side of the scope rod opposite of the scope. Be sure to orient the scope rod so the laser engraved face points back towards the archer when looking through the scope.
  • Ensure the spring is in the windage housing and slide the scope rod, with the scope attached, back into the housing.
  • Thread the knob back on the 10-32 bolt and tighten it until the “stop” warning is no longer visible.

For any questions regarding this installation process, feel free to reach out to us by emailing and we will be glad to help.

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